Help Offered to All Who Are in Need.

Ensuring access to competent
mental health services for service members, veterans, and their families.

The Veterans Mental Health Department (VMHD) accomplishes this task by providing training, certification, and technical assistance across Texas.

Across all programming, VMHD is fortunate to have the broadest definition of veteran regardless of discharge status, branch of services, or having served one day or a career.

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What We Do

We work with partners at the national, state, and local level to address veteran specific issues including suicide prevention/intervention, veteran homelessness, military cultural competency, peer support services, military-related trauma, women and rural veterans, and justice involvement.

All services including training, technical assistance, and direct services provided across VMHD programming are offered freely to all who are in need.

How to Help

Veterans, Volunteers, Health Providers

The Military Veteran Peer Network (MVPN) is made of TVC-Certified Peer Service Coordinators and their peer volunteers strategically placed within the local mental health authorities across Texas to create a statewide peer-to-peer network for any service member, veteran, or family member.

Register to join the MVPN and find your local chapter.

Our Programs

We act as the state-appointed advocate of Texas veterans. Our Programs are designed to provide training and support to service members, veterans, and their families, licensed mental health providers, other organizations and state agencies on the impacts of military-related trauma.

Military Veteran Peer Network

The Military Veteran Peer Network provides services including direct peer-to-peer support, training on suicide prevention and military cultural competency, coordination of mental health first aid, and warm-handoffs to local resources based on the individual needs of the veteran and family.

  • A statewide network of military trauma-affected Veteran peer support.
  • When you register for free, you can meet other Veterans, get help and support, and find resources.
Arlene Perez
Peer Service Manager | (512) 560-9937

The Military Veteran Peer Network is TVC Certified
Our Provider Network is ready to help and listen.

Provider Network

We offer licensed clinicians and any mental health professionals training and technical assistance aimed at promoting military cultural competency.

  • Our Provider Network training is tailored to the needs of the audience as it relates to suicide prevention, lethal means restriction, military traumas, and evidence-based practices.
Mental Health Provider Coordinator | (512) 420-7704

Justice Involved Veterans

The Justice Involved Veteran (JIV) Program works to improve veteran services across the entire criminal justice continuum.

  • The JIV Program partners with the local and state law enforcement to deliver officers relevant training such as trauma-affected veterans and crisis intervention strategies.
Terri Williams, LPC, Justice Involved Veteran Coordinator | (737) 237-4080

Cynthia Gray, Justice Involved Veteran Coordinator | (512) 815-7906)

We improve veteran services across the criminal justice system.
We are here to support the well-being of veterans in any faith

Community & Faith-Based Partners

Through the Faith & Allegiance Initiative, this program provides training and technical assistance for Community and Faith-based Organizations to develop and implement strategies to support the well-being of veterans and their families.

  • The Faith & Allegiance Initiative encourages community and faith-based partners to bear true faith and allegiance by offering their hand in support.
John Wilson, LT COL, USAF Retired
Community & Faith-Based Coordinator | (512) 463-6091

Veteran Homelessness

We lead the Texas Veterans Commission’s Homeless Veteran Initiative which aims to reduce veteran homelessness in both urban and rural settings across Texas.

  • The Homeless Veteran Initiative provides listings of local, state and national services available. 
Amber Morson

Homeless Veterans Coordinator | (512) 567-5477

Anthony “AB” Bustos, MPH

Homeless Veterans Coordinator | (512) 567-5618

Working to reduce veteran homelessness.
Suicide Prevention. Don't Wait. Reach Out.

Suicide Prevention

The Texas Suicide Prevention Initiative is the result of a collaborative effort throughout the state of Texas of community-based organizations, state and local agencies, academic institutions and many others who work together to reduce suicides in Texas.

  • Suicide Prevention Coalition Partner listings and annual reports are available.
Jessica Del Rio

Suicide Prevention Coordinator | (512) 560-9469

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